English Rules - The Festival

The Festival

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English Rules - The Festival

The Festival

Extra Pieces
10 land tiles (each with the 10-year festival symbol)

Playing the Game

When a player draws a tile with a festival symbol on it, he or she should place the tile according to the usual rules. The player must then choose either:
- deploy one of one’s own figures to the tile in the usual way; or
- return one of one’s own figures from the entire playing area to his or her supply.

The player can also choose to do neither of the above.
Captured followers (The Tower) cannot be returned to the player's supply in this way.
Gruß Maik
Etwas Gescheiteres kann einer doch nicht treiben in dieser schönen Welt, als zu spielen.
Henrik Ibsen (1828 - 1906), norwegischer Dramatiker


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