The Robber gets no Points at the Final Scoring

Mini 6 - The Robber

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The Robber gets no Points at the Final Scoring

Beitrag von kettlefish

The robbers:
The rules do not explain what happens with the robber when the last tile is placed on the playing field. The question is, can the robber steal points at the final scoring.

Christof Tisch has stated the following for that (in my own words):

When the last tile is placed, scoring for finished features takes place as usual - because the robber can still steal points.
Then all robbers still remaining on the scoring board are returned to their owners (without robbery of points).
After that the actual final scoring begins.

The meeting with HiG - Georg Wild and Christof Tisch – 18.10.12 - at the Spiel 2012 in Essen


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