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Mini 5 - Mage & Witch

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Mage and Witch - BigBox 4 - Advanced Rule

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Mage and Witch

English Rule - BigBox4 (new rule in blue) translation by bing translator:
If a road or city with a Mage or Witch is completed, the scoring is affected as follows:
- The mage gives an extra point for each tile in the feature.
- The witch halves the points (rounded up) for the finished structure.
When evaluating a road with an inn or a city with a cathedral (1st Expansion) that also has the Witch, the feature?s points are calculated using the Inn or Cathedral and then cut in half.

When a feature with the Mage or Witch is scored, the figure is removed from the board
and can be brought back into play when a tile with a mage symbol is played.

In the final scoring, the mage and witch affect scoring of roads and cities as they did
during the game.
An unfinished road with an inn and an unfinished city with a cathedral, which normally score 0 points, instead score 1 point per tile at the end of the game when the Mage is on the feature (pennants in the city score 0 points).

Correction reading of the translation by Obervet03
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