Die Fähren + Die Fluggeräte

Mini 3 - The Ferries

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Die Fähren + Die Fluggeräte

Beitrag von Natalka

I think everyone knows how to score a long road with an inn preferably twice by using the lake tiles. What about this situation:

1) you have a long road with a meeple(A) on it and connect to it a lake, place a meeple(B) on one of the other 2 ends and place the ferry so that the long road with meeple(A) becomes closed.
2) later you connect to the new road with your meeple(B) and move the ferry so that you connect to the long again.This is how you can score 2 times basically.
3) later you use the flier meeple(C) to land hopefully to the new road BUT before the lake.
4) then you add a tile to the road and close the road by moving the ferry like in 1)

So meeple(C) scores again like in 1)

Is it OK with the rules?
If so that means more use for the flier at least for me if no other viable location. Imagine long road with an inn and several towers for +3 pts.


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