Dispatches and the Double Turn with Builder

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Dispatches and the Double Turn with Builder

Beitrag von kettlefish

Question 1:
Is the rule "If more than one feature is scored on a single turn, the entire point value for each individual feature must be scored by moving a single counting figure." to be understood that if, for example, a town and cloister are completed, one follower (eg for the city) may move 7 fields and one follower (eg for the cloister) may move 9 fields?
It is clear to me, if both land on a dark scoring field, the player gets only one dispatch.

Question 2:
When I finish, for example, a city with a builder, and the counting follower lands on a dark number field, is only then the dispatch to the use (and possibly even more dispatches at favorable scoring) and then the turn because of the builder of the second tile?
In other words:
Which of the rules
A (dispatch): ?The active player (and only that player) gets a Dispatch tile if one of his two counting followers lands on a dark number field (0, 5, 10, 15,...).?
B (builder): ?On the next turn or a later turn, whenever the player places a tile that extends the road or city (with the builder), he then immediately draws a second tile and places it (this is the double turn and can only be performed once).?
takes precedence?
Answer to Question 1: Dispatches - movement of counting figures on the scoreboard
Counting figures move forward for each finished area. So 1 figure scores for the finished city (7 points is strange for a city a better example would be 6 points) And the other figure moves for the finished cloister (9 points).
This means that, for example,for the finished cloister (9 points) a player cannot move 5 points with one figure and move the remaining 4 points with the other figure. That is not allowed.
But there is also the option of moving one figure for all points, so in this example, the points for the city and for the cloister could be moved with the same figure.
It is very interesting when points are scored with the fairy and even the two points (in the seal) of any of the dispatches. Everyone has the choice of which scoring figure moves.
This question had appeared already in the forum of CarcassonneCentral. I already had a telephone call with HiG - Georg Wild - and clarified it. - So this is official.

Answer to Question 2: Builder - double turn - Dispatch
The BigBox4 says the following about the double turn by builders:
Whenever a player places a tile that extends the road or city which includes his builder, he may take a double turn. Here, after performing the usual steps of deployment and scoring, the player draws another land tile, places it appropriately, and may then deploy another follower and carry out any necessary scoring. Then his turn ends.
BigBox4 has the following comment about the dispatches:
For each scoring round, the player gets only one dispatch ....
From the builder you have two scoring rounds.
If after the first scoring round a scoring figure of the active player lands on a dark field, he receives a dispatch. The active player performs the action of the dispatch.
Only then does the double turn happen.
As a more practical example, the player should first draw the second tile of the double turn immediately after the first scoring round, place the tile face down in his supply, then perform the dispatches-action, then turn over the face-down tile and place it. Then move wood and perform scoring. If the scoring figure is on a dark field again, the player again obtains a dispatch and performs its action.
Anyhow, that is it what I'm reading by the rules - so far, the question is not asked, so I still have not inquired further (at HiG)

I have now a new information - the city scores 7 points. The Mini Mage&Witch was in the game too. The Witch was standing on that city - the scoring of that city was than only a half.

Thanks to Obervet03 for the translation and correction reading


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