The Dragon and The City of Carcassonne with the Count

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The Dragon and The City of Carcassonne with the Count

Beitrag von kettlefish

On 18 October 2012 I (kettlefish) was at Spiel 2012 in Essen, where I had a meeting with HiG - Georg Wild and Christof Tisch. Most of the topics I have already recounted in HiG-Chat and posted here in the forum. But the story of the dragon has not yet been told.

Since the City of Carcassonne is a special starting area, it is often assumed that the landscape areas around the actual City of Carcassonne are off limits. No one is allowed to enter these landscape areas.

Now I come to the meeting with HiG:
The fact is that the dragon cannot actually operate within the city walls of the City of Carcassonne. So there all followers are safe from the dragon.
However, the landscape areas around the walled city of Carcassonne are sort of landscape tiles. Thus, when the dragon travels his six tiles, he can be moved there.
If these landscape areas don't have a follower, pig, or builder, he is not able to eat anything and must go hungry. Nevertheless, he may be moved around the walls of the City of Carcassonne - in the landscape areas.

Thanks to Obervet03 for the translation


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