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Carcassonne - 9.expansion: Sheep and Hills

Verfasst: Mi 22. Jan 2014, 23:06
von kettlefish
This year we will have our 9th expansion for Carcassonne:
Schafe und Huegel - Sheep and Hills.

HiG will show the new product at the exhibition in Nuremberg.

I can give only this information:
more wood and more cardboard and some air...

I called with HiG (Moritz Brunnhofer and Dirk Geilenkeuser) today.

I hope, that HiG will release it in Germany this Spring 2014.
The license partner doesn't change this time - it is still Z-man games.
The long wait for the English speaking world was the change from RGG to ZMG.
I think that the English speaking world will have it during this year 2014...

The news about this 9th expansion you can also find here:
9. expansion - Schafe und Huegel (sheep and hills)

Carcassonne - 9th expansion: Schafe und Huegel (Sheep and Hills)

CarcF - in German:
Carcassonne - Schafe und Hügel (9. Erweiterung)

More Information follows...

Re: Carcassonne - 9.expansion: Sheep and Hills

Verfasst: Sa 8. Feb 2014, 11:14
von kettlefish
W Eric Martin from BGG was in Nuremberg at Spielwarenmesse 2014.
He interviewed HiG.
The video shows the new expansion Schafe und Huegel.

Here is the link to the video:

In this report you can find all the new games and expansions from HiG - in following order:
- Bruegge - die Stadt am Zwin
- Helios
- Carcassonne - Schafe und Huegel