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Hi here comes the kettlefish

Verfasst: Do 25. Okt 2012, 22:00
von kettlefish

I am Marion at the HiG-Chat and at the forums CarcC and CarcF kettlefish.

Re: Hi here comes the kettlefish

Verfasst: So 28. Okt 2012, 13:34
von kettlefish
What I am doing - for the HiG-Chat or for the CarcassonneCentral forum or for this Carcassonneforum?

If there are some questions about the rules and the rules are sometimes not clear enough - I ask HiG direct.
The normal case is, to write HiG an email but I prefer to ring them up. My contact there for the rules is Georg Wild.

This year at the Spiel 2012 in Essen (Thursday 18.10.12) I had an interview with HiG - Georg Wild and Christof Tisch.
Thank you both, for answering all my questions about the rules of Carcassonne.

The questions gave me Obervet03 from CarcassonneCentral.
I posted the result of that interview at the HiG-Chat first in German. And then Obervet03 helped me with the translation and correction reading from German to English.
Thanks Obervet03 for your help.

At this carcassonneforum you can find the result of the interview at each extension:
Robbers - Catapult - Dragon - Barn + Pig - Festival

At the CarcassonneCentral forum we have the CAR - "Carcassonne - The Complete Annotated Rules".
In the past Matt Harper was working on this. Obervet03 started this year with the CAR 6.0. I'm helping Obervet03 with the correction reading of the rules for the next coming CAR 6.2 and what I already did for the current CAR 6.1.

Re: Hi here comes the kettlefish

Verfasst: Fr 23. Aug 2013, 10:41
von kettlefish
I have copied only the English speaking part of the topic "Hi here comes the kettlefish".