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Verfasst: Fr 21. Jun 2013, 10:31
von MrNumbers
My Carcassonne story begun in January 2011, when my friends brought me as a New Year's gift Carcassonne base game with River I included.
Since that time I become a huge fan of Carcassonne, bought almost all expansions, registered at CarccassonneCentral and had an idea to popularize Carcassonne in my country - Latvia.
So, I created a website (in Latvian) with information about the game, with forum and have translated CarcassonneCentral's CAR (Complete Annotated Rules) to Latvian. Address (if interested) -
But this wasn't the only thing: I contacted to local Carcassonne distributor and with his help I organized regular Carcassonne game nights, where people can come and play this game, regardless of their experience. The main focus is on expansions, because not all know about them. Local distributor provides me with place and game sets. Of course, I also bring my own unique expansions (such as, Plague, Wheel of Fortune etc.), that you can't buy here. Every event's photo-report is published at my website.
This March, also with cooperation with local distributor, I founded and organized a yearly Carcassonne tournament, where the main focus is not on a base game, but on expansions. This year it was Carcassonne Minis, we played double elimination scheme, each round was played with different Minis. The winner received a prize from distributor - Carcassonne BixBox 3.

This is my contribution to the world of [my favorite boardgame] Carcassonne.

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Verfasst: Fr 21. Jun 2013, 10:41
von kettlefish
Hi MrNumbers,
have a nice time here at CarcF.

We know your Forum in Latvia. You can find the thread here:
"Links" - Carcassonne in Lettland

If you have questions about the rules:
"Regelfragen - Questions about rule"
Regelfragen - "Offizielle Erweiterungen"


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Verfasst: Fr 21. Jun 2013, 13:10
von Zotto
Hello MrNumbers,

welcome to our CarcF forum. I hope, you'll have a nice time here.

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Verfasst: Fr 21. Jun 2013, 21:04
von maik63de
Hi MrNumbers,

ich begrüße dich im Forum und wünsche dir viel Spass hier.

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Verfasst: Mo 24. Jun 2013, 21:56
von Benny
Hi MrNumbers,

welcome to our community and have fun here with us.
Your tournaments and game nights sounds very interesting.