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Verfasst: Mo 10. Jun 2013, 18:25
von Whaleyland
At the request of kettlefish, I have joined this forum. I am a moderator at Carcassonne Central and a long-time Carcassonne-player. While I can read some German I cannot speak it and prefer to converse in English. I have every expansion to the game except the Windrose (currently) and have every spin-off except The Discovery and the Winter-Edition. The Kids, The Dice Game, and The Card Game I do not want as they are outside my area of interest. I live on the Central Coast of California where I work at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk as a supervisor of the Arcades & Games Department. In my free time, I research royal genealogies and local train history. Check out my website at

Re: Whaleyland

Verfasst: Mo 10. Jun 2013, 18:29
von maik63de
Hi Whaleyland,

I greet you quite cordially here in Carcassonne-forum, and I wish you much fun here...

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Verfasst: Mo 10. Jun 2013, 19:24
von kettlefish
Hi Whaleyland,
I was not sure, if you come to CarcF as a member.
Because the most time we speak German here.

I whish you a nice time here at CarcF.

Here is the link to the news about CarcC:
CarcassonneCentral Forum

And here is the link to the workshop for your The Resettlement Campaign #1.

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Verfasst: Mo 10. Jun 2013, 21:14
von Zotto
Hi Whaleyland,

welcome with us

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Verfasst: Mo 10. Jun 2013, 22:41
von Fritz_Spinne
Hi Whaleyland,

good to have you here, welcome.

I tried to translate your resettlement capaign, but I found something not quite understandable. Please look at this post:

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Verfasst: Mi 12. Jun 2013, 22:24
von Benny
Hi Whaleyland,

welcome to our community. Have fun here with us.


Re: Whaleyland

Verfasst: Fr 14. Jun 2013, 14:34
von mentor09
Hi Whaleyland,

thanks for joining our german forums. I hope you will enjoy to be here :-)