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Verfasst: Mi 31. Jul 2013, 20:41
von Joff
Kettlefish asked me if I'd like to introduce myself to users at CarcF, so here goes:

My name is Jonathan Warren, I am aged 41, and I am a Moderator and Author at CarcassonneCentral. I live in the UK (England) in a market town called Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

I work quite close to home at a local primary school as a Caretaker. I have a split shift working from 6am-9.30am and then back in at 2pm-6pm. The job, although it doesn't pay very well, has friendly staff and is convenient for me.

I played plenty of board games as a child, mostly with my family. Monday nights was always board game night. We used to play Monopoly, Risk, Cluedo, Scrabble, RatRace, Black Box, etc. However, my foray into modern board games came when I was browsing Amazon for a gift, when I noticed Carcassonne in the 'other customers purchased' section. It looked interesting so I bought a copy. After this I found BoardGameGeek and then CarcassonneCentral. Next came Settlers of Catan and the rest is history!

Soon after finding CarcassonneCentral, I got involved with fan-made expansions which then developed into game design. I entered a Themed Rummy Contest run on BGG in which my entry, The Gaston Game, was placed 3rd. This led me to a contract with a publisher and finding a wonderful game-design partner, Rebekah Bissell. In 2011 we jointly won the Solitaire Print and Play contest with our entry Inspector Moss: House Arrest. This was a finalist for a 2012 Golden Geek Award.

My favorite games include Stone Age, Pandemic, Flash Point: Fire Rescue, Carcassonne and, of course, The Gaston Game ;)

As well as game design, I am an amateur magician... or perhaps that should be 'professional magician'? ;) If you want to see what I mean by that last comment, see here:

I play bass guitar in a church band, but I can also play drums and can get by on acoustic guitar.

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Verfasst: Mi 31. Jul 2013, 21:13
von kettlefish
Hi Joff,
it is a pleasure for us at CarcF to have the next "global moderator" from CarcC here as a member at CarcF. :D
Your "Medival Expansion" is well known here in the world of Carcassonne.


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Verfasst: Mi 31. Jul 2013, 21:51
von Ratz65
Hello Joff,

nice that you're here. Look around a little to. We have also designed a few expansions for Carcassonne. ;)


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Verfasst: Mi 31. Jul 2013, 23:52
von maik63de
Hi Joff, I welcome you here in Carcassonne-Forum and wish you much fun here.

Sorry, my english is very bad... :D

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Verfasst: Sa 3. Aug 2013, 22:53
von kettlefish
how long are you a magician?

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Verfasst: So 4. Aug 2013, 13:50
von Benny
Hi Joff,

welcome to the CarcF community. Have fun here with us.


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Verfasst: So 4. Aug 2013, 16:55
von Joff
I have been performing magic, on and off, since I was a boy, so about 30 years (but not consistently - I have fits and starts). I was introduced to magic by my cousin, Michael.

David Lemezmer is a comedy character, created by me. David thinks he's a great magician. In fact, he calls himself, 'The man Paul Daniels could have been', which is a 'cherry-picked' comment from his local newspaper. The whole spin on the character is in reality he's not a very good magician at all - very poor in fact, but he carries on regardless, glossing over his mistakes. It's not often that a trick goes right, usually David messes his tricks up and that makes him the butt of the joke. I am currently writing his 'autobiography', which is great fun, creating his history and at the same time putting him in awkward social situations that make him look a complete idiot (unbeknown to him, I hasten to add).

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Verfasst: So 4. Aug 2013, 17:18
von kettlefish
I played some major roles in a small theatre group many years ago.
I like to be someone else... It is interesting to "see" the different characters of the figures.

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Verfasst: Do 8. Aug 2013, 12:39
von Brandmand Florian
Hej Joff!

Welcome! :-H We are very international in Carcassonne-Forum... ;)

You are a magnician? Then you are right here: Carcassonne is MAGIC! :D
I love magic, too. I have a litte show for child-birthdays... (5-6 times a year)

Welcome! :-BD