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Carcassonne - Rules in other Languages

Verfasst: Do 22. Aug 2013, 23:59
von kettlefish
We have in our Carcassonne-Forum the section: Carcassonne
In this section of our forum you can find the original rules for the game in many different languages.

for example the basic game Carcassonne - 6 different languages:
Grundspiel Carcassonne

Re: Carcassonne - Rules in other Languages

Verfasst: Di 11. Jun 2019, 15:50
von Corinthiens13

Just to let you know that a french order of play, game preparation and scoring rule including every major and mini expansions, as well as promo tiles for Carcassonne is available in the download section of the Carcassonne Central website (login required) :;sa=view;down=346

If you have any comment or edits suggestions, just let me know so that I can update the file.


Vous trouverez dans les téléchargement du site Carcassonne Central (login requis) les règles du jeu Carcassonne (préparation d'une partie, ordre du jeu, et score des points) en français, incluant toutes les extensions majeures, les mini extensions et les cartes promotionnelles :;sa=view;down=346

Si vous avez des remarques ou suggestions de corrections, faites-le moi savoir.

Re: Carcassonne - Rules in other Languages

Verfasst: So 11. Aug 2019, 14:40
von benbever
Boardgamegeek has a lot of rules in a lot of languages
Including handy compilations of rules, updated with rule changes

For instance for Dutch (not all of my friends and family are fluent in english, or some prefer Dutch)
this one is very good: