Carcassonne tournament 2016


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Carcassonne tournament 2016

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I continue to organize annual [live] tournaments with expansions and this year it took part on Sunday, 28.02. The format was pretty much the same, as it was in previous year, with minor changes, such as:
1. Distribution into groups was based on players' rating, which is earned for participating in previous tournaments. New players were distributed randomly.
2. As tournament rules state - players don't play the same expansion twice during this tournament. Now they didn't play also their last year's played expansions.
Udo Schmitz was so kind to send me signed tiles for every participant, and small prizes for first 3 places. These prizes came in addition to common prizes: two expansions of winner's choice and Carcassonne meeple-shaped photo-frame.

There were 24 participants. 67 games were played in total (1 game didn't take place because one of the participants left the tournament). All tables at the bar were full of Carcassonne gamers :)

Photo gallery on Facebook

Group stage overall table
A group detailed table
B group detailed table
C group detailed table
D group detailed table

Till the last game in group stage there was fight for the quarterfinals. In one of the groups only points difference decided the qualifier for QF. Every point matters!

In QF last year's tournament winner lost his game. As a reminder, same happened last year, when active champion lost his game in QF. On a side note, in QF all group winners lost their games!

Final stage table

For the bronze medal game randomly were picked up expansions "Robber" (Mini 6) and "Catapult". In fact, Catapult was in play 3 times during the tournament and many (yes, MANY) people actually liked it! Maybe, because were are relatively new to Carcassonne? Or they just like it's fun? ;)

Final game were played with "Traders and Builders" and "Tower". All tower pieces were used and till the last tile winner was unknown. After final scoring Denis celebrated his victory! He overtook his opponent only by 3 points!

It was very successful event, everyone liked it, and many of the participants wanted to buy some expansions they played at the tournament. So, the main idea of my website keeps alive - Carcassonne in Latvia becomes more and more popular! \:d/

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