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The Meeple People Project

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Meeplesource beabsichtigt für 2017 den Start des nächsten Crowdfundings. Dabei soll es dann um Menschen jeglicher Rasse, Geschlechts und Alters geben.
You should know though, that we intend to run a future Kickstarter project, possibly called "The Meeple People Project", which will only contain regular people. It will include a full spectrum of humanity, giving you meeple options for each race and gender, and a wide variety of ages, hair color, and clothing. As you can imagine, in order to accomplish this, the project would need to have a large number of different Character Meeples - far too many for this current project. Additionally, it would need to have its own project goal amount, to cover the minimum expenses for a production of that scale. Although we don't have a launch date for this project, we expect that it will occur sometime in 2017.
Was nicht oft genug gesagt werden kann:
Ich mag die alte Edition bis auf die Länderbauwerke und die Darmstadt-Erweiterung!
Aus der neuen Edition mag ich nur den Abt!


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